Dietetics software

Patient management software & advanced anthropometric calculator

My name is Yago Perez.
I am a Spaniard Registered Dietitian (University of Navarre 2001).

After more than 10 years of development I am happy to announce the new Dietetics software.

dietetics software

Developed and improved for more than 10 years, is the only software able to calculate advanced anthropometric data from simple body circumferences, by using more than 100 anthropometric formulae.

New Dietetics software. Who is it for?

The new Dietetics software has been developed for professional use for both Registered Dietitians and Nutritionists.

Main functions

  • Advanced anthropometric spreadsheet: it uses simple body measurements -as body circumferences- and more than 100 formulae to provide accurate body composition results as:
    ideal weight, body fat, fat free mass, body water, metabolic rate, total energy expenditure, body surface area and density.
  • Patient management and visits management: medical, dietetics and activity records, billing, automatic reports and graphics


  • Easy to use: by simply filling in body measurements and other data. Out of range, incorrect, or dangerous results are highlighted in red, while normal values are shown in green.
  • Accuracy: the anthropometric spreadsheet is the only known to use more than 100 formulae. That makes it more reliable.
  • Allows On-line care: because of its design, reliability and accuracy, the Dietetics software allow professionals to obtain data that can be used for the treatment of all online patients.
  • Automatic reporting: One click prints a full patient´s report. It also provides evolution graphics for weight, body fat and body muscle.
  • Cardiovascular and Metabolic extra data: Data is compiled and processed so can show the cardiovascular risk and metabolic risk.
  • Global vision: the software has been developed to help having a whole picture of the patient. The design makes easy and quick for you to see the global health status.

Follow the updates

Software is being developed at present, so it may still be modified and improved previous to its final launching.

If you are interested in the Dietetics software and want to know more about characteristics, launching and more, follow the Dietetics Software Community.

Get a free body composition sample report

To show you more about the features that are being included, we offer you a complimentary sample report so you may test the accuracy and quality of the data provided.

You may choose between one of the two forms: International System of Units or Metric System and British Imperial System depending on where you are based:

Need help?

Looking for help? And the whole website is in Spanish? 🙁 Frustrating.
If you need any help, please just contact me through this English contact form 🙂

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